Roof Restorations

Roof Restoration Services in Sydney

Restore Don’t Replace

Have you had a good look at your roof lately, does it have?

  • Sagging timbers
  • Moss and lichen growth
  • Loss of colour on cement tiles
  • Loss of glaze on terracotta tiles
  • Cement cracking on hips, ridges and gables
  • Rusting valleys

If you are unsure how to restore your old roof and if you have any of the above problems then your roof needs attention. The professional team at Nu –Look Roofing are the roof restoration experts who will ensure your roof restoration are completed without any problems.. We will provide services such as replacing and installing new roofing, re bedding & re pointing of ridge caps and the proper installation of guttering systems.

The roof restoration services we offer include:

  • High pressure roof cleaning
  • Re-sealing
  • Leak repairs
  • Re-bedding
  • Elimination of moss & fungus
  • Tiling
  • Tile replacement
  • Flexi pointing
  • Application of protective roof coatings
  • Guttering and down pipes

It is a great deal less expensive to restore your old tired roof rather than wait until it has to be completely replaced. When replacing your roof or installing new roofing you are protecting your long term investment, enhancing the appearance of your home, safeguarding personal contents and increasing the overall market value.

During our sterilization process your roof will be left for up to 24 hours before we apply any specialized roof coatings. During this process we will destroy all fungus and algal spoilage.