Roof Ventilation

Roofing Ventilation


During the hot summer months the temperature in your roof becomes very high, up to 60°C, this heat spreads down into your home turning living areas into mini saunas and creating extra work for your air conditioning.


During the colder months moisture from showers and cooking is drawn into the roof, trapping the dampness which can cause mildew to appear on walls and ceilings. This damp environment can also be a health hazard.

There is a simple solution, by installing a roofing ventilation system any unwanted damp or hot air is expelled from the ceiling area leaving much cooler and cleaner air circulating around your home.

The tradesmen at Nu-Look Roofing are experts and can advise you on installing the best possible ventilation system that will help provide your home with the right amount of ventilation needed for cost effectiveness and comfort.

As roofing ventilation installers and we can supply and install:

  • Roof whirly birds
  • Tubular roofing skylights
  • Turbine roofing ventilation
  • Mechanical roofing ventilation